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Good Work.

For Employers

and Employees.

This is what I promise my clients. It is also my advisory approach. 

I offer employment law advice of the highest standards, thanks to my experience as an employment lawyer in renowned international law firms.


I will help you pursue good and fair working conditions, which benefit everyone – employees, their workplace representatives and employers committed to sustainable corporate governance.


Good Work.
For Employers.

Create good working conditions for your employees. Establish full compliance with labor law,  promote fairness and shape a sustainable corporate culture that is based on values.

Good Work.
For Employees.

Know your rights and options for action. Pursue the best strategy for your interests. In case of a termination, realize your claim to a severance package. Benefit from complete cost transparency.

Good Work.
For  Works Councils.

Enforce your co-determination rights. Negotiate reconciliations of interests and social compensation plans that maximize the benefits for employees. Assert employee interests in conciliation proceedings.


Before founding J / W Employment Law in 2022, I worked for several renowned international law firms specializing in employment law.


I have experience in litigation before the German labor courts and out-of-court counselling in all matters of employment law and have advised clients from a variety of industries and backgrounds.


In 2019, I successfully completed the certified employment lawyers' course of the German Lawyers' Institute. I hold above-average law degrees and have gained international experience in New York, Brussels, Cairo and Aix-en-Provence.


Julia Annabel Wittig
Founder & Lawyer

Good and fair working conditions benefit everyone.


Thank you!

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